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Frequently Asked Questions - Web Design

FAQs - Web Design

Your initial consultation is free of charge. Be prepared to go over information about the type of website you want designed such as the functions you want website visitors to be able to perform on your website. The more information given, the better understanding your Artist Media Complete designer will have of your website needs.  

Please see web design pricing options at pricing may vary based upon whether or not your website needs any specific third-party programming scripts to run your specialty website. For example a website for hotel reservations will need specific third-party programming for the end user to make reservations. There are added costs associated with specialty third-party programming scripts.

Payment is due in full prior to the start of any website project.

You can request to make payment in two installments (for projects over $600). If you would like to make payment in two installments, request must be made via email before the start of the project via  Once approved, you will receive an invoice with two installment payments. The invoice will have two “Pay Now” links/buttons on it for the two installments. The first installment is due prior to project start. The second installment will be due within 30 days of the first installment payment.  Your website will not be uploaded to your hosting server until final installment has been paid.

We currently accept all major credit cards or bank transfer payments via our payment processor PayPal. PayPal is a secure and convenient way to make payment via the internet. There is a small fee associated with making payment via PayPal (2.9% + .30). We can also accept cash or credit/debit card in person for local payments (Portland Oregon). Just contact us via email at if you would like to pay cash in or credit/debit in person.

Yes, you will have a say in the overall look and feel of your website and will be consulted throughout the process. After you submit payment you will receive a web design questionnaire which will ask you about your design preferences such as color and overall look and feel. Some of your design choices may have to be customized in order to be used for mobile.

It is the responsibility of Artist Media Complete designers to design the structure of the website including layout, navigation, and any of the optional features the client has opted for that are listed on the included website features page. It is the client’s responsibility to provide content for each page of the website such as images, text, music, photos, video or logos.

No, a logo is not included in the price of the website. If no official company or artist logo is provided a simple text logo will be designed free of charge for the head of the website. If you would like an official logo designed, please see logo pricing on our graphic design page at

It is our goal to have your website completed within a 30-day turnaround time. Very large or some specialty websites may take longer. You will be given an approximate turnaround time during your initial consultation.

You will have 30 days to provide all content necessary for your website to be completed or the website will be considered complete. You are advised to be fully prepared with your content prior to the start of the project because you may run into issues providing the content needed in the allotted amount of time such as waiting to receive photos from a photographer, etc. If all content is not received within 30 days of project start, your website will be uploaded to your hosting server as is and will require additional payment for it to be completed at a later date.

Some websites designed by Artist Media Complete have a back-end user interface which allows the client to perform their own basic updates such as text changes on pages, new image uploads, blogging, etc. However; if you prefer to have minor website updates or more extensive changes, backups, upgrades and/or updates done professionally by Artist Media Complete, you can purchase an affordable website update plan from the website maintenance page or have updates done on an as-needed basis at the rate of $60 per hour with a one hour minimum. Certain third-party scripts used to create the functionality of your website may over time expire or require upgrades. These third party upgrades are not included in your maintenance plan or in the cost of as-needed upgrades. For more information about upgrades, updates, backups and maintenance plans please visit our website maintenance page at

Artist Media Complete is a full service company that provides quality, affordable graphic design and photography services. If you need photography or graphic design for your web design project, please see our services pages at

This FAQ is a work in progress, if you have additional questions not answered here, please send us an email at